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on my webpage! I'm a astrophysicist and currently employed as a PostDoc at the Dr. Karl Remeis Observatory Bamberg, which is part of the Erlangen Centre for Astroparticle Physics.
My main research concentrates on the data analysis of accreting neutron stars in X-ray binaries. In particular, I'm studying the evolution of these systems with time and mass accretion rate. Such analyses allow to determine the orbits of the binaries and improve our understanding of relativistic plasmas in strong magnetic and gravitational fields. Furthermore, I'm involved in the development of software for data analysis and in various web projects. See research and about me for more details. Informations about how to contact me are listed on the legal page.

ESA Space Science News

These news are a copy of the ESA space science news, for which I thank ESA for authorization. To read the full articles please visit the linked webpage.

Call for media: Second data release from ESA's Gaia mission
2018 April 19

Media representatives are invited to a briefing on the second data release of ESA's Gaia mission, an astrometry mission to map more than one billion stars in our Galaxy, the Milky Way.

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Where is the Universe’s missing matter?
2018 April 18

Astronomers using ESAs XMM-Newton space observatory have probed the gas-filled haloes around galaxies in a quest to find missing matter thought to reside there, but have come up empty-handed so where is it?

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Mars impact crater or supervolcano?
2018 April 12

These images from ESAs Mars Express show a crater named Ismenia Patera on the Red Planet. Its origin remains uncertain: did a meteorite smash into the surface or could it be the remnants of a supervolcano?

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Mars Express v2.0
2018 April 11

Every so often, your smartphone or tablet receives new software to improve its functionality and extend its life. Now, ESAs Mars Express is getting a fresh install, delivered across over 150 million km of space.

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ExoMars poised to start science mission
2018 April 09

The ExoMars orbiter will soon begin its search for gases that may be linked to active geological or biological activity on the Red Planet.

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Winning exoplanet rocket sticker selected
2018 March 29

A colourful design capturing the essence of ESAs Cheops mission, which will measure the size of planets as they cross in front of their parent stars, has been selected for the rocket carrying the satellite into space.

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