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on my webpage! I'm a astrophysicist and currently employed as a PostDoc at the Dr. Karl Remeis Observatory Bamberg, which is part of the Erlangen Centre for Astroparticle Physics.
My main research concentrates on the data analysis of accreting neutron stars in X-ray binaries. In particular, I'm studying the evolution of these systems with time and mass accretion rate. Such analyses allow to determine the orbits of the binaries and improve our understanding of relativistic plasmas in strong magnetic and gravitational fields. Furthermore, I'm involved in the development of software for data analysis and in various web projects. See research and about me for more details. Informations about how to contact me are listed on the legal page.

ESA Space Science News

These news are a copy of the ESA space science news, for which I thank ESA for authorization. To read the full articles please visit the linked webpage.

A space ant fires its lasers
2018 May 16

A rare phenomenon connected to the death of a star has been discovered in observations made by ESAs Herschel space observatory: an unusual laser emission from the spectacular Ant Nebula, which suggests the presence of a double star system hidden at i...

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Call for media: Meet Europe’s exoplanet satellite Cheops
2018 May 14

*Please note this event has been postponed until October. Revised details will be provided nearer the time*

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BepiColombo arrives at Europe’s Spaceport
2018 May 11

The spacecraft of the BepiColombo mission to Mercury have arrived safely at Europes Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana, marking the start of six months of preparation to ready the craft for launch.

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ESA Planck team awarded prestigious prize
2018 May 10

The ESA Planck team has been honoured with the 2018 Gruber Cosmology Prize for its mission mapping the cosmic microwave background relic radiation from the Big Bang that is still observable today.

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ESA selects three new mission concepts for study
2018 May 07

A high-energy survey of the early Universe, an infrared observatory to study the formation of stars, planets and galaxies, and a Venus orbiter are to be considered for ESAs fifth medium class mission in its Cosmic Vision science programme, with a pla...

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ESA and NASA to investigate bringing martian soil to Earth
2018 April 26

ESA and NASA signed a statement of intent today to explore concepts for missions to bring samples of martian soil to Earth.

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The Astronomer’s Telegram

Correction to Atel #11665
D. Sand, 2018 May 22

Discovery of DLT18x/AT2018bwo in NGC45 with PROMPT and the DLT40 Survey
S. Wyatt et al., 2018 May 22

Swift Observations of 2MASS J070931-353746
Dirk Grupe Norbert Schartel and S. Komossa, 2018 May 22

KEGS Discovery of 28 Supernova Candidates in the K2 Campaign 17 Field with DECam
G. Narayan et al., 2018 May 22

ePESSTO spectroscopic classification of optical transients
O. McBrien et al., 2018 May 22

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