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on my webpage! I'm a astrophysicist and currently employed as a PostDoc at the Dr. Karl Remeis Observatory Bamberg, which is part of the Erlangen Centre for Astroparticle Physics.
My main research concentrates on the data analysis of accreting neutron stars in X-ray binaries. In particular, I'm studying the evolution of these systems with time and mass accretion rate. Such analyses allow to determine the orbits of the binaries and improve our understanding of relativistic plasmas in strong magnetic and gravitational fields. Furthermore, I'm involved in the development of software for data analysis and in various web projects. See research and about me for more details. Informations about how to contact me are listed on the legal page.

ESA Space Science News

These news are a copy of the ESA space science news, for which I thank ESA for authorization. To read the full articles please visit the linked webpage.

Webcam on Mars Express surveys high-altitude clouds
2017 October 17

An unprecedented catalogue of more than 21 000 images taken by a webcam on ESAs Mars Express is proving its worth as a science instrument, providing a global survey of unusual high-altitude cloud features on the Red Planet.

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Integral sees blast travelling with gravitational waves
2017 October 16

ESAs Integral satellite recently played a crucial role in discovering the flash of gamma rays linked to the gravitational waves released by the collision of two neutron stars.

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To Mars with ESA and the Guggenheim Bilbao
2017 October 06

ESA and the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, with the BBK Foundation, are celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Spanish arts centre with a performance of Chasmata, a journey to Mars through contemporary art, music and architecture. Mondays concert can be...

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Colourful dunes on wind-swept Mars
2017 October 05

Dunes are prominent indicators of prevailing winds, as can be seen on this crater floor on Mars, imaged by ESAs Mars Express on 16 May.

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Biomarker found in space complicates search for life on exoplanets
2017 October 02

A molecule once thought to be a useful marker for life as we know it has been discovered around a young star and at a comet for the first time, suggesting these ingredients are inherited during the planet-forming phase.

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Unexpected surprise: a final image from Rosetta
2017 September 28

Scientists analysing the final telemetry sent by Rosetta immediately before it shut down on the surface of the comet last year have reconstructed one last image of its touchdown site.

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The Astronomer’s Telegram

IGR J16597-3704 in NGC6256 - Two Possible Counterparts
Peter Pessev, 2017 October 23

Discovery of another eclipsing binary variable star in the field of the exoplanet host star WASP 26
Montigiani N. et al., 2017 October 23

ASASSN-17nn, ASASSN-17nf, ASASSN-17ng: Discovery of Three ASAS-SN Supernovae
J. Brimacombe et al., 2017 October 23

A Large NIR flare of the quasar PKS2023-07
L. Carrasco et al., 2017 October 23

Swift/XRT observation of IGR J16597-3704
E. Bozzo et al., 2017 October 23

Recent Publications

Low-temperature Condensation of Carbon
Krasnokutski, S. A., et al., 2017, ApJ, vol. 847, p. 89
Evidence for disks at an early stage in class 0 protostars?
Gerin, M., et al., 2017, A&A, vol. 606, p. A35
On the Iron Abundance Anomaly in K-dwarf and Hyades Stars
Aleo, P. D., et al., 2017, ApJ, vol. 846, p. 24
The Evaporation Valley in the Kepler Planets
Owen, J. E., et al., 2017, ApJ, vol. 847, p. 29

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